How much does Hammer cost?

Hammer makes it easy to get started without breaking the bank.


$399 / mo
  • Includes Smart Post, SMS, call recording, inventory, analytics, and custom website.
LIMITED TIME OFFER: $399 a month


$599 / mo
Posting to Craigslist requires the purchase of Posting Credits for $5.99 each.
  • Custom Website

    Get a mobile-friendly website for your dealership.

  • Smart Post

    Optimize ad frequencies based on your local market.

  • SMS

    Send and receive text messages from any device.

  • Magic Phone Numbers

    Track, record, and forward phone calls & text messages.

  • Analytics

    View detailed campaign and communication reports.

  • First Responder*

    Hammer manages your text message inquiries.

    only available with Genius

Frequently asked questions. Answered.

  • How will my dealership and contact information be used?

    Hammer will only use the information you submit to call or e-mail you to setup a Hammer account. We’ll never sell or share your information.

  • How long will it take for my account to be ready?

    95% of dealerships go live within one business day of signup. A Hammer specialist will contact you right away to walk you through the system and setup your inventory feed.

  • Is it safe to provide my credit card information?

    Yes. Hammer utilizes state-of-the-art encryption to secure your payment information.

  • Will you charge my credit card immediately?

    No. Your credit card won’t be charged without your explicit consent.

  • “Hammer is a critical part of our business. Their inventory app allows us to customize our ad titles so that our vehicles stand out and grab the attention of buyers in our market. We also like the person-to-person real-time texting since a lot of buyers prefer to text rather than call.”

  • “Hammer has provided us with more Craigslist leads and vehicle sales than any other advertising platform we have ever tried. I consistently get a solid stream of inbound calls and texts which makes for a strong ROI on my advertising dollars.”

  • “Everyone is trying to figure out a way to hack the internet, leads, and even presence. Hammer is the Hack for Craigslist! I try to think how we were present on Craigslist before Hammer, and all I can think of is the time we get to spend doing more important things because Hammer makes it that easy.”

  • “We get thousands of leads every month from Hammer - both calls and texts. On top of that, the value we get from Hammer’s BDC service is incomparable. They are an integral part of my team and they are masters at taking soft questions and turning them into excited customers ready to buy.”

  • “Hammer is incredible! The amount of customers that it generates via texts or calls is amazing and cannot be done on your own. If you are looking for a boost in your sales overall, Hammer is the best advertising avenue I have ever had in the ten years that I have been in the auto business.”

  • “Hammer is an efficient and effective way to advertise on Craigslist. We get a steady stream of calls and text leads all month long. Their First Responder BDC service helps keep our text leads warm by ensuring quick, real-time responses to customers when our staff is busy doing other things.”